Partnership is Key to Driving Real Impact

For more than 14 years, Fitbit has partnered with payers, providers, researchers and employers to help drive healthy behavior change in their populations.

We partner with 7 of the 10 top U.S. health plans.1

We are embedded as a benefit in more than 100 Medicare Advantage Plans across all 50 states.

We are the top consumer wearable in clinical research, with over 1,700 published studies using Fitbit.


SCAN Health Plan has partnered with us to provide a fully subsidized Fitbit tracker to eligible members. The program aims to help members stay active, build healthy habits, and support members to feel their best and maintain independence as they get older.

With Fitbit, members can watch engaging videos with insights into heart health, sleep, stress, and more.


Onduo by Verily offers a Fitbit device and a one-year Fitbit Premium membership to eligible members as part of the company’s approach to whole person health, which focuses on better health holistically. Offering the Fitbit experience, alongside the Onduo program that supports people managing chronic health conditions like diabetes, gives members access to a more comprehensive view of how aspects of their health and wellbeing fit together, including activity, sleep and stress. This can help participants better manage their health and develop healthy habits that work for them.

“Together with Fitbit, we’ll be able to better support condition-specific management and our members’ overall health and wellness by providing new tools and actionable guidance to support their health journeys. For example, in using Fitbit, Onduo members will receive insights on how increased activity can decrease resting heart rate — and they will be able to proactively engage in the management of their activity, sleep and nutrition.” – Vindell Washington, MD, MS, Chief Clinical Officer, Care & Director of Health Equity Center of Excellence, Verily

Orlando Veterans Administration Health Care System

We partnered with the Orlando Veterans Administration Health Care System (OVAHCS) on a pilot program that provided 50 nurses with wearable devices so they could better monitor their health. The program improved the overall health of the participants.

Float pool nurse Olivia said that the program and the use of a wearable has improved “my mood and has even increased my activity outside of work. I am now even spending more time being physically active with my family.”

Pretaa, Inc.

We collaborated with Pretaa, Inc. to incorporate Fitbit devices and services into Pretaa’s substance abuse recovery platform. Pretaa analyzes information from wearable devices worn by people recovering from substance abuse. The company plans to use Fitbit’s platform to help drive behavior change and healthy habits among participants.

“We are excited to have Fitbit as a technology partner because of their focus on driving behavior change to improve lives, and their ability to deliver a differentiated, personalized experience focused on health and wellness.” -Michael Madon, CEO, Pretaa

Leaders at MercyOne hope the program promotes preventative care among participants and enables individuals to share data with healthcare providers, who can use the information to provide personalized guidance.

Haga Teaching Hospital

In the Hague, Netherlands we are helping the Haga Teaching Hospital better understand patterns and abnormalities associated with certain heart conditions with Device Connect for Fitbit, a solution we developed in partnership with Google Cloud which empowers healthcare and life sciences enterprises with accelerated analytics and insights to help people live healthier lives.

“Health is a precious commodity. You realize that all the more if you are struck down by an illness. If you can prevent it or catch it in time so that it can be treated, you have gained a great deal. Digital tools and technologies like those provided by Google Cloud and Fitbit open up a world of possibilities for healthcare and a new era of even more accessible medicine is possible.” -Dr. Ivo van der Bilt, Cardiologist at Haga Teaching Hospital

We’ve also partnered with the UAE’s first wellness insurance platform Wellx to incentivize healthy behavior change.

“Our association with Fitbit will enable us to turn a traditional financial product into an engaging lifestyle product by gamifying the individual wellness journey. By incentivizing our customers to care for themselves, and rewarding them financially, we expect to change the way customers perceive insurance. Our aim is to become their everyday health companions and remind them of the benefits of staying healthy.”  -Vaibhav Kashyap, Co-Founder & CEO