About Us

Fitbit Enterprise, now part of Google, works with payers and other healthcare partners to empower people to live healthier lives. We offer a personalized health and wellbeing experience for members, which easily integrates into a wide variety of health interventions and wellbeing programs and helps to extend and enhance their impact.

  • Providing health and wellness solutions for payers, providers, partners, and employers for 14 years and counting
  • Partnering with 7 of the 10 top U.S. health plans1
  • Embedded as a benefit in more than 100 Medicare Advantage plans across 50 states.
  • Top consumer wearable in clinical research with over 1700 published studies using Fitbit devices
  • Studies show that people engage with brands that are relevant in their daily lives, and Fitbit ranked #8 in Prophet’s 2022 Brand Relevancy Index and was the category leader for Wellness.2