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A Heartfelt Thank You — and Offer — For Nurses This May

It’s no secret that nurses are dedicated to caring for others. They’re often the first face a patient sees in a healthcare environment. A smile, kind gesture, or word of encouragement from them can help improve the care experience and make patients more comfortable in a situation many people often find overwhelming.

But while nurses are so busy taking care of everyone else, it’s essential that they also have the time and tools to prioritize their own mental and physical wellbeing.

It’s critical that nurses put their own health first. Nearly 66% of nurses report high stress levels. Over the last three years, especially, they’ve put their lives and health at risk but continue to grapple with exhaustion and feeling underappreciated. Given all of this, nurses more than deserve to carve out time for self-care.

Fitbit wants to celebrate nurses, show our appreciation, and help every nurse live a healthy life. In honor of National Nurses Month and National Nurses Week this May, we’re offering a special discount on devices that will empower nurses to take control of their everyday health and wellbeing.

Helping Nurses Take Charge of Their Health

Nurses must prioritize their wellbeing at work and at home to function at their best for their loved ones and patients. We’ve seen firsthand how giving nurses access to the right tools to proactively manage their health can produce positive outcomes and help them achieve this balance.

In collaboration with the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Innovators Network (INET) and the Orlando VA Health Care System’s (OVAHCS), we piloted a program for 50 float pool nurses at OVAHCS, where they integrated Fitbit devices into their daily lives and routines. Overall, the program has positively changed how many nurses approach their own mental and physical wellbeing.

“I feel like this program and the use of the Fitbits have made me become more active,” says Olivia Chase, a float pool nurse at OVAHCS. “It has improved my mood and has even increased my activity outside of work. I am now even spending more time being physically active with my family.”

Makayla Maggi, a float pool nursing assistant, has used Fitbit to increase her physical activity and shift her mindset.

“In the past, if I had forgotten to bring something important with me to a patient’s room, I would go straight to a negative place and think about how stupid that was of me,” Maggi says. “Now, I look at those situations as opportunities to get in additional steps to beat my coworkers in that day’s step challenge or work week hustle that our unit competes in against each other.”

The program not only helped nurses, it benefited their employer, too. OVAHCS has experienced reduced call-outs, which has led to fewer staffing issues and healthier nurses coming into work every day.

Empowering Nurses to Put Their Health First

Nurses give so much of themselves to patients, and this May, we want to give back to them. From May 6 to May 26, eligible nurses can receive discounts, including 20% off Google Pixel Watch, 30% off Fitbit Sense 2, Versa 4 and Charge 5, and 40% off a Fitbit Luxe device, along with six months of Fitbit Premium.

A Fitbit device can help improve both physical and mental health in several ways. Here are just a few:∗

  • Increase physical activity: Create and manage exercise and movement goals, and take advantage of our guided video workouts to achieve them.
  • Improve stress management: Use our EDA scan app or all-day body response tracking to understand your body’s stress signals and response, and get a daily stress management score to gauge your progress. You also can participate in mindfulness and guided breathing sessions to reduce physical and emotional stress.
  • Understand your sleep patterns: Track the quantity and quality of nightly sleep with a Sleep Score, understand trends over time with Sleep Profile, and see how your sleep compares to the normal user ranges.
  • Level up your nutrition: Log your food and water intake and get simple, delicious recipe inspiration for your dietary needs.
  • Boost your heart health: Receive notifications for irregular heart rhythms, understand your resting heart rate, and how your heart responds to activity.

If you’re a nurse who’s ready to experience positive changes in your overall health, take advantage of the discount today. Here’s how the offer works:

  1. To shop, verify your eligibility here.
  2. Select the device(s) of your choice on the exclusive Fitbit storefront and proceed to checkout to complete your transaction.
  3. Look out for an order confirmation email from, which will include your shipping tracking number (devices typically arrive between 5-7 business days).
  4. Once you receive your device, download the Fitbit app and follow the instructions to setup your new Fitbit device and activate your Premium membership.
  5. Start exploring Fitbit and make it a part of your everyday routine!

Every nurse deserves to improve their physical and emotional wellbeing. Verify your eligibility today to kickstart your health and wellness journey with Fitbit.

*Some features and benefits may require a Premium membership.
*Feature availability dependent on device model.

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