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The Power of Brand: Why Choose Fitbit for Your Population

When it comes to matters of health, you want to ensure that you are providing every possible advantage to your population. You want to let them immediately know how highly you regard their health and fitness by giving them the motivation, advice, and devices to succeed.

While you may find dozens of fitness trackers and smartwatches to choose from, one brand stands alone in popularity among users, clinical researchers, and HR managers: Fitbit. 

When you partner with Fitbit, you engage your population in their health. Here are three reasons why that happens:  

Unbeatable Brand Trust

Let’s take a closer look at who already uses our trackers and smartwatches. Fitbit is the most well-known brand to people anywhere–and everywhere–in the world. Fitbit devices are available in 39,000 stores in 100+ countries. According to a 2019 wearables survey by The Manifest, more than 77 percent of people are familiar with the Fitbit brand, compared to 73 percent for Apple.

The love for our Fitbit devices is confirmed by the number sold. As of October 2020, people had purchased 116+ million Fitbit devices. That brings the total number of Fitbit active users to more than 28 million. And many of those active users are making the most of the hundreds of on-demand workouts, guided programs, and nutritional advice available with Fitbit Premium, as we had more than 500,000 Fitbit Premium subscribers in the first year. 

The Clinical Research Partner of Choice

Not only do users like Fitbit, but so do medical researchers. Fitbit is the top consumer wearable in clinical research. Fitbit devices have been used in 900+ published studies, more than any other wearable, and is the most commonly used tracker in biomedical research. 

Fitbit devices are registered in clinical trial studies 10x more often than any other wearable brand and are used in 95 percent of NIH-funded research. Fitbit was the first wearable chosen for the National Institutes of Health’s ground-breaking precision medicine research program, All of Us. 

These researchers have uncovered some pretty great health benefits when people pay attention to their daily fitness stats. With Fitbit-based interventions, studies found a statistically significant increase in daily step count and moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and a significant decrease in weight.

A Brand on a Mission to Make Your Population Healthier

A third reason to choose Fitbit for your population is an easy one: You are not alone in the quest to improve the health of your population. Fitbit is on a mission to make everyone in the world healthier. We’re doing it by creating a health and wellness experience powered by innovative advanced devices, intuitive software, and expert services. 

And we’re listening to what you need. Fitbit, in partnership with The Harris Poll, surveyed more than 500 hundred HR managers to understand their priorities and best practices for wellness and population health management. In that poll, nine in 10 HR managers said they feel that employer-sponsored health and wellness initiatives can ultimately lead to a decline in overall healthcare costs.

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