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Happy Mother’s Day From Fitbit

When it came time to dream up a Fitbit campaign for this Mother’s Day, we found serious inspiration within. We looked around at all the incredible moms who help to power Fitbit and thought to ourselves, how about this?

The internal team was inspired by the passion these high-flying moms exude every day, and it seemed like something the rest of the world could take a shine to. Needless to say, we were overjoyed at the thought of representing our brand with strong women who truly live it as our models—not to mention the excitement of spending a whole day on set with Fitbit moms and their adorable kids.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were shining the spotlight, literally, on a handful of the many women who volunteered their time (and kids!) to help us bring our vision to life. And what exactly was the vision? A celebration of motherhood and all the many moves moms make. We call it incredible looks like this.

In the spirit of that celebration, we sat down with a few leading ladies from the Fitbit team to pick their brains and hear about motherhood straight from the source on some hot topics.

Hear from Strategic Partner Account Manager Brianna Martinez, COO Amy McDonough, Strategic Account Manager of Worksite Health Kaushal Pethe and Strategic Account Manager Courtney Rash. They shared resounding joy, stories of love, and of course, some much-deserved gushing about their little ones.


For Brianna, chasing after her baby girl and all the lifts, bends and squats involved adds up to quite the workout. And as a former marathon runner who could train for hours, just a 30-minute stroller jog in the California sunshine with Sienna is now absolutely perfect in every way.

Courtney represents FHS on the other coast, so even though it isn’t exactly sunny all year round in upstate New York, her family still loves taking walks in the neighborhood with their new baby and three dogs.

Amy walks her two sons to school every morning, and while it’s great for their step counts, it’s also a special time to connect and of course, quiz the kids on their state capitals! When they’re not at school or work, the McDonoughs can be found on family bike rides, setting new running goals together and even playing two-on-two basketball just like their local Golden State Warriors.

Kaushal’s family gets their cardio in after dinner, when the Pethe living room becomes the stage for an all-out dance party. Everyone gets to pick their favorite songs—and Anoushka and Anya thoroughly exhaust themselves before winding down for bedtime.


When it comes to the delicate balance of career and family life, these moms agree that if they’re going to leave their kids for the workday, it better be for something that has a real impact on people’s lives. That’s why the Fitbit mission of making the world a healthier place is so important to them as employees and mothers.

Amy loves that her boys Leo and Cal are proud to know Mom helps people every day. Ask Bri or Courtney, and they’ll tell you that they embrace challenges in their roles because sharing a more active life feels meaningful and fulfilling. No two days are alike for Kaushal as she services all kinds of primary care clinics and hospitals, which always keeps her moving and grooving. For everyone, having a supportive and flexible team keeps their work-life balance in check and reminds them how incredible they are.


With so many ways to celebrate, we loved learning about favorite gifts and traditions old and new for these FHS moms. Like Bri’s inaugural Mother’s Day last year, when her husband organized a weekend away with their little one to relax and enjoy their first family trip. Or Kaushal and Amy, who agree that handmade gifts are always the most special, and the just-for-Mom breakfast they each get the morning of Mother’s Day is the best way to start the day. Hello, heart-shaped pancakes and just-how-you-like-it coffee!

As Courtney approaches her first Mother’s Day this year, she reflects on the best gift she gave her own mom last year—the wonderful news that she’d be a grandmother again.


Moms took their time with this one, because how can you capture all the ups, downs and loopty-loops of motherhood in just one word? Adventure. Rewarding. Growth. Pride. The list goes on, and it changes every day as their kids develop into the people they will become. That means everything from learning what sound a dog makes to broaching moral issues that help shape the values of the next generation.

Amy asks her boys to consider if they were better people today than they were yesterday. That’s more like seven words, but it’s so powerful that we’ll take it. Our aim is to set that expectation for ourselves and help others do it too—improve every day.

We’re celebrating all kinds of moms, from the Fitbit team to the incredible mothers that use our products to reach health goals in their own hometowns and beyond. Here’s to the aunts, grandmas and other loved ones who give the heartfelt care that moves us all.
Go behind the scenes of our main photo shoot to hear from more moms that work at Fitbit. And most importantly, Happy Mother’s Day to you!

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