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A Great New Tool for Participants to Stay Active at Home

Now more than ever, it’s important to help participants stay engaged, motivated, and focused on physical and mental well-being. We’re pleased to offer a new tool to help them do just that: the Fitbit Charge 4™. It’s a great, and timely, opportunity to offer participants a new device that helps them stay active, eat nutritious food, sleep well, and manage stress. 

Charge 4 comes with the first-ever built-in GPS capability within a tracker (this feature has historically only been available on our smartwatches) which allows your employees to track distance and pace as they go through their different workouts. They are free to leave their phone behind, explore the great outdoors and still gain insight into their body with stats on screen. After they finish their workouts, they can get a map of their route plus a new heart rate heat map to understand how their effort and heart rate zones changed through the route. 

In addition, Charge 4 includes a new feature called Active Zone Minutes, Fitbit’s new way to help track activity and heart health in a more meaningful, efficient way. Not all physical activity has the same effect on the heart, and is based on factors such as age and gender, meaning people hit different activity intensity levels at different times and for different durations. Active Zone Minutes utilizes more personalized heart rate zones that now take age and resting heart rate into consideration. The device will automatically notify the participant when they are moving between different active zones to help them hit their recommended times laid out by the World Health Organization and the American Heart Association. Charge 4 alerts users when they move between heart rate zones, allowing them to focus on the workout whilst having fun. 

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